Special thanks to friends and students who made the conference and the stupa display a happy memory!

On behalf of the Foundation Executive Board, I would like to thank:

Ek, Lek, Glaang, Jun for the wonderful stupa drawings and display;
Champagne, Aun, Waen, Arthid, Yontan for the preparation for the conference room and exhibition;
Vichat fore being an untiring MC;
Yontan for Mandala display;
Andy for English press releases;
Teng for T-shirts;
Jick, Lek, Tuu, Pom for Tibetan things;
Miaw, Nuch, Taan for registration and overall help;
Suthathip for time keeping;
O and her team for delicious food and catering.

And other students and friends who volunteered to help in many possible ways they can.

Acknowledgement with gratitude: The Metanexus Institute for the LSI grant to the Thousand Stars Buddhism and Science Group which made this conference possible.

4 thoughts on “Special thanks to friends and students who made the conference and the stupa display a happy memory!

  1. Krisadawan Hongladarom

    Just thinking about the stupa brings enormous benefit. Thank you for your auspicious aim and encouragement.

  2. Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne)

    In the last day of life, just imagine sleeping under the stupa and make wish to see Buddhism in the next life.

    Tanga I got is so powerful. I feel calm and harmonious. Before coming to Tibetan Buddhism, I am the great separatist, royal only to Dhammayutika doctrine. Now I see only harmony and sharing among people in Thai or Tibet.

  3. Krisadawan Hongladarom

    Anumodhana kha. Nothing is greater than having a big tolerant heart. Let’s work towards creating peace and harmony in our society as well as in the world.


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