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Special thanks to friends and students who made the conference and the stupa display a happy memory!

On behalf of the Foundation Executive Board, I would like to thank:

Ek, Lek, Glaang, Jun for the wonderful stupa drawings and display;
Champagne, Aun, Waen, Arthid, Yontan for the preparation for the conference room and exhibition;
Vichat fore being an untiring MC;
Yontan for Mandala display;
Andy for English press releases;
Teng for T-shirts;
Jick, Lek, Tuu, Pom for Tibetan things;
Miaw, Nuch, Taan for registration and overall help;
Suthathip for time keeping;
O and her team for delicious food and catering.

And other students and friends who volunteered to help in many possible ways they can.

Acknowledgement with gratitude: The Metanexus Institute for the LSI grant to the Thousand Stars Buddhism and Science Group which made this conference possible.

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  1. Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) #

    from now on, I have a new aim, Maha Stupa. Let’s realize it.

    August 21, 2007
  2. Krisadawan Hongladarom #

    Just thinking about the stupa brings enormous benefit. Thank you for your auspicious aim and encouragement.

    August 21, 2007
  3. Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne) #

    In the last day of life, just imagine sleeping under the stupa and make wish to see Buddhism in the next life.

    Tanga I got is so powerful. I feel calm and harmonious. Before coming to Tibetan Buddhism, I am the great separatist, royal only to Dhammayutika doctrine. Now I see only harmony and sharing among people in Thai or Tibet.

    August 21, 2007
  4. Krisadawan Hongladarom #

    Anumodhana kha. Nothing is greater than having a big tolerant heart. Let’s work towards creating peace and harmony in our society as well as in the world.

    August 21, 2007

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