It Will Take What It Needs!

Yesterday Areerat and I met with Lek, Glaang and Jun at our office. We discussed about the work we needed to do for the Maha Stupa and the kinds of events the foundation should organize to raise funding and public awareness of this great project. I related our conversation to Soraj this morning but couldn’t help feeling concerned. How many years will it take for such a huge stupa to be completed? Soraj said it didn’t matter how long. The stupa will take what it needs. We thought about a great stupa which has already come into existence on earth – The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya built in honor of the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a pioneer in introducing Tibetan Buddhism in the west. It took 13 years to complete. The duration of time is not as important as the power of will to do this inspiring work to benefit others and to bring harmony to the world. If this power of will is grounded in proper motivation, obstacles will surely disappear.

This photo of the Dhamakaya Great Stupa is taken from More detail on the process of building the stupa can be found in this website.

1 thought on “It Will Take What It Needs!

  1. Jampa Nyima

    After the Happiness conference and the Stupa exhibition, I really feel that the Stupa has been established and it is harmonizing us all together. Though this is just the beginning, very very first steps of the path, many wonderful and auspicious things already happened. I was very impressed that Ven.Than Chandr and Ven. Than V. Vajiramethi joined our activity. This is what Lhasray Rinpoche told us before. The more years it takes to build the Stupa, the more people join together and bring peace and harmony to Buddhism and the world.

    This reminds me of your pilgrimage, the destination is in every step. The accomplishment is not at the end of the path. Peace and harmony do not occur only after the Stupa is finished, but at every moment of our work.


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