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Lectures on Tibetan Arts

There will be two lectures related to Tibetan Arts on September 13, 2007 by Professor Andrey Terentyev

Lecture 1: Research on an image preserved in Mongolia connected for different reasons with the Udhyana image made during the Buddha life time, at the Bangkok National Museum, 10.30 hrs.

Lecture 2: Tibetan arts, the Siam Society, 19.30 hrs.

Prof. Terentyev is a key person for bringing Tibetan Buddhism to Russia. From 1991 he devoted himself to preparing and publishing Buddhist texts in the Russian language. In particular he was the editor of the monumental translation of the 5 volume Tibetan classic Lamrim Chenmo – the first full translation into European language. In 1992 he founded the first Buddhist magazine of Russia ‘Buddhism of Russia’ and still functions as its Editor-in-chief.
In the 1990s he was the main (English-Russian) interpreter for HH the Dalai Lama in all his visits to Russia.

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