Remembering Tara (2)

This morning we made an offering to Tara, recited Tara mantra as well as Guru Rinpoche and Vajrasattva mantras. A new friend came to pray with us. She learned how to make prastrations before. And we talked about how to set our mind while doing the prostrations. We must feel grateful to all sentient beings. With them we prostrate to our teachers and Buddhas with unshakable faith, total respect and heartfelt devotion.

When we recite the mantra, we think of compassion and generate it to sentient beings. Our body, speech and mind fuse into one while reciting it. We visualize Lama Tara sitting on the lotus throne above the crown of our head. There are the sun and the moon on the lotus, a symbol of purity. The sun and the moon represent means and compassion, two important aspects of enlightenment.

After the prayer, Yontan and I recited the praise to Mother Chama in the Bon lineage. Chama is one and the same as Mother Tara. Then we meditated on our root guru with gratitude. We asked for his blessing in realizing the primordial nature of mind and in attaining enlightenment for the sake of others.

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