Like the Moon that No one Can Steal

Leaving one’s career doesn’t mean one deserts Samsara. Only that priority in one’s life has shifted. When we practice the dharma, we don’t have to turn our back to the world by seeking an ordination, refusing to get married, abandoning meat, eating only one meal per day, not associating with anyone or refusing to watch movies or listening to music. Real dharma practice is the training of one’s mind with a sole purpose of attaining enlightenment. Outer behaviors enhance us to be constantly cheerful and mindful. Inner practice is more important.

When we set our goal to enligtenment, outer behaviors – both body and speech – will follow. We’ll never get lost. We’ll never do anything wrong. Because of this motivation, we want to seek a master who can guide us on the path of enlightenment. Representing Buddha on earth, the teacher is a lamp illuminating a way to Buddha nature, an inner condition which is clear but empty just like the vast expanse.

Hence, dharma practice occurs in all situations. It always remains in our heart in the same manner as the moon in the sky which no one can steal. Dharma practice doesn’t happen only in the prayer room, when we meditate with our hands folded on our lap, or when we listen to the dharma teaching. Dharma practice happens everywhere no matter whether we are eating, working, driving, falling ill, sleeping or even when we are watching a movie or other kinds of entertainment.

With mind inseparable from the teacher’s mind, with proper attitude to help sentient beings attain Buddhahood, whatever we do, whatever we speak, whatever we think constitute dharma practice.

1 thought on “Like the Moon that No one Can Steal

  1. Anonymous

    Am Wochenende von 22./23.September ist ein Meditations-“Retreat”in Ayutthaya mit dem bekannten Heil-Moench Dr.Singhaton Narasapo (Kamzao)- naehere details sind zu erfragen bei
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Veronika Thananan


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