First Retreat at Khadiravana

This evening Worawanna, Nuch and Kosin came to see me in my office and we talked about my prostration experience again. It’s so nice to share this with them. I see myself in their eyes – when I was about their age, I looked up to my teacher Dr. John Blofeld with gratitude and I treasured the wisdom he shared with me through his experiences. No one knew that 20 some years later that student would build a retreat center with so many projects.

I’m traveling to Khadiravana tomorrow and will start my first retreat on my birthday there from tomorrow evening till Monday morning (Sep 20-24). There won’t be updates in this blog till Monday night. Anyone who may visit this page at this time can share the retreat spirit by reciting thousands of the compassion mantra, no matter whether it is Tara’s mantra (Om tare tuttare ture soha) or Chenrezig’s mantra (Om mani padme hung) and dedicate the merit to countless beings who have once been our parents.

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