Cutting Through Fear and Attachment

This word carries great meaning.
Cutting through fear and attachment,
Body offering,
To beings who suffer in the six realms.

But more than anything else,
Chod is the practice to understand oneself,
To realize the primordial nature of mind…

Yontan took this picture before I recited a chod text on the second day of my retreat. The title of the text is “Body Offering, the Dakini’s Laughters that Can Be Heard from Far Away”. This text is written by Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche. Shardza Rinpoche achieved rainbow body in 1935. His lineage, which is Bon was transmitted through Hungchen Rinpoche and also through Lhasray (Lhase) Rinpoche (Hungchen Rinpoche’s son). Together with Yontan, I received the transmission of this text from Lhasray Rinpoche when he came to Thailand in December 2006.

1 thought on “Cutting Through Fear and Attachment

  1. Jampa Nyima

    My guru,
    You are Mother Tara for me.
    Now, your smile is not the same, it shines like a radiant sun.
    Now, your eyes are not the same, they illuminate like thousand stars.
    Your heart of wisdom cherishes my soul.
    Your joy and compassion overwhelm my mind.
    On this path to Awakenig, I will follow you!


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