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What to Cut Through

“The Cho (Chod) system mentions four classes of demons: obstructive and unobstructive demons, demons of exuberance, and demons of indecision. A practitioner has to cut through all four. The obstructive demon refers to incarnate demonic forces…The unobstructive demon includes evil spirits of which there are thousands of kinds. The demon of exuberance means being seduced by success and followers, social status and recognition, which leads to fascination with the thought, ‘I am truly special!’ The fourth, the demon of indecision, is the source of all the others. The subtlest demon, this consists in clinging to a point of view; it is identical to cognitive obscuration, the most subtle veil that covers our buddha nature.”

From “Blazing Splendor, The Memoirs of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche” as told to Erk Pema Kunsang & Marca Binder Schmidt”

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