A Truly Perfect Stupa

Rinpoche said in Tibet there are many stupas but not so many are very beautiful. Most of the stupas do not have an open temple (assembly hall), as the one we are building.

Then we talked about Buddha images to be placed inside the temple and shrines. There are 17 of them with Kuntu Zangpo (Samantabhadra) on the very top. This will be placed in the golden rings or the wheels. Kuntu Zangpo is blue reminding us of the natural color of phenomena.

The main deity on the eastern side of the uppermost shrine is Nampa Gyalwa or Vajrapani. Another common name is Chanag Dorje. There are both wrathful and peaceful forms of this Buddha which will be in the form of Sambhogakaya. Ours will be both wrathful and peaceful. Rinpoche said this would be very difficult to build but would be a special one. The image of Vajrapani is a symbol of ability to control kleshas and power in spreading the dharma to all directions.

Rinpoche remarked that when the construction of the Tara Great Stupa was completed, we would have a truly perfect stupa which is in fact a Buddha’s paradise. In this paradise there are representations of teachers and Buddha’s three bodies, dharmapalas and dakinis, particularly those associated with the Dzogchen teaching.

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