Editing the Texts to Be Placed Inside the Stupa

Rinpoche has been editing his father’s (Hungchen Drotu Lingpa Rinpoche) terma. When these texts are published, they will be placed inside the Tara Great Stupa. I do hope to work with Rinpoche on his lineage’s history soon. His father and his older sister (Khabchod Wangmo) were renowned tertorn “discoverer of Guru Rinpoche’s hidden texts”. And his root lama Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche achieved rainbow body in 1935.

Rinpoche is also occupied with the editing of sungjo “mantras and sacred texts” which will be reproduced in a large quantity and put inside the Stupa. He asked five places in Kham to send him their sungjo. Some of the texts are illegible. So there’s a need to edit them. He asked some monks to type them in computer. He will need to go through the spelling. When this is finished, he will send them to us. There are around 80 pages of Tibetan paper (like palm leaf). We’ll need to photocopy them in Thailand.

The five places are Dokden Temple in Ngawa, Kongja Temple in Nyagrong, Tulku Dawa Dragpa’s temple in Trangko, Shardza Hermitage, and from three monks in Dartsedo.

Rinpoche said reading this sungjo required a lot of time, as the letters were difficult to read. They were written in gold on blue paper. He hopes to reproduce the same thing for one set and make copies in large quantity with red ink on white paper.

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