Building the Stupa as a Representation of Buddha’s Mind

Rinpoche said in his life he has done many things which can be regarded as representations of Buddha’s body, speech and mind.

Work representing Buddha’s body: He has carved an image of Buddha Tonpa Sherab from a big white jade in Kongbo, Central Tibet.

Work representing Buddha’s speech: He has edited and published the first Bonpo tripitaka and is editing Kundrol ka, the teaching of his father, Kundrol Dragpa Hungchen Drotu Lingpa Rinpoche.

Work representing Buddha’s mind: He rebuilt two small stupas in Nagchu, northern Tibet. These stupas originally built by Hungchen Rinpoche were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. There’s an interesting history of these stupas that I will relate later on.

Now that he has been to Thailand, the land blessed by Buddha Sakya Muni, he felt like making another special representation of Buddha’s mind, namely the Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony.

On the 30th of the 8th Tibetan month this year he wrote a letter to Thutop Namgyal Rinpoche, representative of Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche at Shardza Hermitage. Together with the letter, he sent Thutop Rinpoche and 200 monks who are meditating at the Hermitage some sweets, fruits and copies of the Stupa brochure. He said they wouldn’t have money to support us but their prayers can bring a lot of blessing that will remove obstacles.

Shadza Hermitage is the site where Shardza Rinpoche practiced and obtained rainbow body. It is in Denkhok, Dege county in Kham. In the letter Rinpoche told them exactly as he told us as above.

Thutop Rinpoche is one of Lhasray Rinpoche’s teachers. Incidentally, Yontan and I met him by chance while we were on the way to Lhasray Rinpoche’s temple (Mongyal Monastery) 3 years ago. We got to spend a night at his house. I don’t know his exact age but he is probably approaching 90 years old. The visit with him is a great inspiration for me. I hope to see him again. It’s hard to find great lamas like Thutop Rinpoche and Lhasray Rinpoche in this present period.

I felt grateful to Rinpoche’s kindness. We are so lucky that he chose to build this representation of Buddha’s mind in Thailand.

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