Tibetan Artisan

Rinpoche suggested that we bring a Tibetan artisan to Thailand and provide him with living and working environment at Khadiravana. He will be responsible for making the statues. Rinpoche and his student Trimed can come from time to time to check on his progress. He said this would be cheaper than casting statues in Tibet or ordering them from Nepal. In addition, the artisan should work more efficiently at Khadiravana because of no distractions.

Talking about Trimed, this is the man who has travelled to Mt. Kailash 13 times. He promised to help us when we go there. He also promised to help Rinpoche with the making of Buddha images for the Tara Stupa.

Recently, Rinpoche has a Buddha statue made in Nepal. It’s more than 3 meter high with gold relief, decorations and lion throne. It costs him Y400,000 or roughly 1,600,000 baht. Our statues should be less expensive. They will be about 1.5 meter high.

1 thought on “Tibetan Artisan

  1. Vancelee Teng

    i will be going to nepal this december, let me know if there is anything you want me to find out from. or i can bring some nepalese teas back to add into the collection.

    i also remembered seeing many great buddha statues while i was in patan, it would be great if we could hire them to make our buddha statues for the stupa.


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