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Another Prediction

While Hungchen Rinpoche was staying in Labrang, Amdo, a tiny gyurmo bird visited him. It made some special sounds and Rinpoche took notes. No one paid a special attention to this event. But Lhasray Rinpoche was curious. He looked at the notes. It said: “A stupa should be built on the land that symbolizes a being’s main vein. If the thorn isn’t removed, the summer water will indeed overflow.” Lhasray Rinpoche said had people follow this prediction by building a stupa in Amdo, perhaps war wouldn’t have happened in Tibet.

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  1. Vancelee Teng #

    it reminded me of the little bird which built a nest in my garden on the balcony.

    even i moved up to another floor there will always somehow be a bird making its home in my balcony garden.

    October 22, 2007

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