Dakini Predictions

Why did Hungchen Rinpoche build these two stupas in the first place? One day while residing in Chungbo, a big white vulture came to visit him. He told his monks that the vulture would spend a night with him and asked them not to open the door. But the monks were quite curious. So they peeped through a hole of the door. They didn’t see a bird there. Instead, they saw a woman wearing flowers as a hat talking to Rinpoche. In the morning when they entered his room, they didn’t see the woman but found the same bird. Rinpoche told them to take the bird to the roof. It would fly way. While flying away, two other birds appeared in the sky following this big vulture. Then three appeared. Four appeared, etc. All of them flew away and disappeared from sight.

The Ahor prince came to know about this bird visit. He believed that the bird was a dakini. He asked whether there were any special predictions, particularly those related to his kingdom. Rinpoche said there were 3 predictions. The first one was two stupas should be built on a plot of land that symbolizes a human being’s main vein. Its shape should look like a srinmo (ogress or female yaksha).

The second prediction is that Rinpoche received a transmission of a sacred text entitled “Decheg Yinglong Gyatso” meaning an ocean, a great expanse of the enligtened ones. There are 20 volumes but he received only 7 of them. Why didn’t he receive the other 13 volumes Lhasray Rinpoche said he would recount this later on. After the prediction fell, Hungchen Rinpoche asked his 15 attendants to scribe them. Lhasray Rinpoche said he forgot about the third prediction. He would tell us when it comes to his mind.

While staying at Shardza Hermitage, Hungchen Rinpoche also received another dakini prediction. The text he received through this special transmission is a Dakini Sangdongma sadhana (practice manual of Lion-Faced Dakini). After the transmission, he asked 4 monks to jot them down.

These texts are among the many special terma texts that Hungchen Rinpoche received form dakinis. Lhasray Rinpoche is editing them so that they can benefit sentient beings in the future.

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