Motivation in Dharma Practice

Today is another special day in my life. Yontan and I went to see Lhasray Rinpoche and we discussed about various things related to the Tara Great Stupa and dharma practice.

Rinpoche said if someone felt like leaving samsara and wanted to spend the whole life meditating in a forest or mountain so that he or she would gain enlightenment, that would be wonderful. But having that motivation, he or she will not be able to preserve and spread the Buddhadharma for the sake of all sentient beings. In order to benefit beings, there’s a need that he or she stays in samsara teaching the dharma as well as preserving and protecting the representations of Buddha’s body, speech and mind. This need requires money. Without it, temples can’t be built. Scriptures can’t be published. Practitioners, even monks and nuns can’t sustain themselves. Doing dharma work in samsara is thus a real chanllenge. Obstacles and all kinds of hardship are common. But because of the aspiration to stay in samsara for the sake of sentient beings, this is the most supreme work.

1 thought on “Motivation in Dharma Practice

  1. Vancelee Teng

    all of us need motivation from time to time to strengthen our will to practise dharma in our life. thanks for always inspiring me.


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