Follow Your Dream

Just now Dr. Bundit and his friends from Surin came to visit me, Soraj and Yontan at the foundation house in Ratanatibet, Nonthaburi. His friends are pharmacists, teachers, someone who is interested in Buddhist arts and others. It’s a joy to meet these new friends who have already been adopted as one of us. Dr. Bundit was inspired by Tibetan culture and way of life. He organized a tour to Mt. Everest and Tibet in May this year, the same time I was on my prostrating pilgrimage to Tibet. His experiences are put into words and will be out in a book form quite soon. The book title is “Winning the Dream, Climbing the Horizon, Days and Nights of Faith, North Face Everest Basecamp”.

Dr Bundit said he was greatly influenced by Tibet even before he went there. The physical change is that he lost 20 kgs while preparing for the trip. This made him stronger and more physically fit. He is another case of a dream maker. I thought of a poem that inspired me in my childhood: “Follow your dream, for if dream dies, life is nothing but a broken wing”.

Dr. Bundit and his friends said Tibet has changed their lives and they would love to do things that benefit the people there. They offered to help the foundation in as many ways as they can. I thank Tara for bringing these wonderful people to Tibet and into my life. May the Dharma flourish and spread in all directions! May people lead a life in a compassionate way and may suffering be unknown to them!

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