Speaking Chama (Tara)

Yontan is reading Mongyal Lhasray Rinpoche’s short personal history which Rinpoche gave us. Yontan was telling me about his fascinating life. Even though I was occupied with other work, I couldn’t help paying attention to him. I have an urge to share with you some parts of his life.

When he was young, he found an image of Sherab Chama, female Buddha of compassion. Sherab means wisdom; Chama is loving kindness. Chama and Tara are the same deity. This terma image is a special one. Many people heard it utter some sounds. Hence, it is called “Mongyal’s Speaking Chama”. He said after the image was found, around 20 Bhante (the term we call other Tibetan Buddhist denominations) and Bon monks recite prayers and offer a mandala to Chama.

Om Mawa Mate Mahi Moha Emaho Maye Rupa Yenta Tutu Soha

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