Stupa Site & Consecration Date

Rick sent me these pictures of the stupa site. We are preparing the land for the consecration ceremony on Thursday January 10, 2008. Lhasray Rinpoche, his son (Tulku of Sang-ngag Lingpa Rinpoche) and his daughter will arrive in Bangkok on January 6. Rinpoche will bless the site and the construction work. Everyone is welcome to join this special and auspicious ceremony.

I’m grateful to Khamnuanwit Woraphu for helping with the stupa foundation plans.

I also would like to thank Sanan of the Forestry Department for giving us 4,000 Khadira plants. 6,000 more will be transported to Khadiravana soon. These Khadiras will be watered with loving kindness and fertilized with great compassion.

It’s hard to believe that after a year and a half Khadiravana has progressed this far. We now have Rick as a volunteer local manager who will help us take care of the trees, the plants, the land, the water and in the future the animals. Thanks, Rick for adopting Khadiravana your home. You have brought rainbows from Hawaii!

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