White Tara Retreat in a New Mantra Stupa

Anyone who is interested in staying in a White Tara retreat on November 4 at Khadiravana, please contact Khun Areerat (areeratana@cpbequity.co.th). Vegetarian meals will be provided.

We suggest that you travel by a public van from the Victory Moment at 5 am. Khun Prachum will meet you at the van station in Hua-Hin at 8 am. Alternatively, you can come and spend a night with us on November 3. In that case, please leave Bangkok at 1 pm for a pick up at 4 pm. We will gather first at Areerat’s Rai Rak Dharma-chart.

Khadiravana at this time will be cool at night. Please bring a jacket and/or a sweater. If you drive your own car, kindly bring extra blankets and pillows.

It seems we’ll have an international group – Thais, Tibetans, Americans, Hungarians and Vietnamese. This will be the first prayer and meditation in the new Mantra Stupa. The Mantra Stupa is facing the site where the Tara Great Stupa will be built. I will prepare copies of prayer book in English for all of us.

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