Pictures 2

Inside our retreat, the Mantra Stupa.

Kris and Yontan preparing for the big day. Our first session started with prostration and meditation according to the White Tara Sadhana to be followed by the praise to the 21 Taras and Tara mantra recitation. After lunch, we reviewed our visualization, did the White Tara mantra recitation, and Guru Rinpoche prayer. The retreat ended with Nagajurna’s song to Khadiravani Tara and the Noble Aspiration to an Excellent Conduct. We left our Mantra Stupa with 7 more full-length prostrations as a pledge that we would practice the dharma for the sake of sentient beings and we would pay homage to our teachers, the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha, yidams, dharmapalas and dakinis until we gain enlightenment.

We circumambulated the Mantra Stupa and offered “wind-horse” mantra paper to all the gods and local deities.

Kris, Ganda and Laszlo, our Hungarian friends in the Tibetan tent at Khadiravana.

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