Pictures from White Tara Retreat, Hua-Hin

Kris with the venerable from Vietnam and Yenchu.

Kris and Tsamdrol, a young admirer of Tibetan culture and Buddhism

We visualize that in front of us there is a wish-fulfilling tree. In the center of the tree top there is a four-petalled lotus. Our root lama, in the form of Buddha Amitabha, is in the middle of the lotus. He is surrounded by lineage teachers. In the front petal are our meditational deities (yidams), particularly White Tara. To their right (our left) are Nirmanakaya Buddhas such as Buddha Shakya Muni. To their left are the noble Sangha. At the back are piles of holy scriptures. All the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits reside Buddhas, Buddhisattvas and all the enlightened ones. The tree represents our objects of refuge symbolizing the Triple Gem and lineage teachers.

Our group united with Tara’s love and compassion

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