Dharma Talk this Sunday

There will be a talk (in Thai) on Dharma Practice in Vajrayana Buddhism this Sunday the 25th at 1.30-3.30 pm. I’ll lead the discussion. This is the second talk of the 2007-2008 1000 Stars Lecture Series. There is no registration fee. Coffee/tea will be provided. Participants may bring snacks to share with each other. The purposes of these series is to promote more understanding of Tibetan culture and various lineages and practices of Buddhism.

For those who are interested in going to Tibet, there will be an announcement at the talk on the upcoming trip in February 2008 to celebrate Tibetan New Year in Lhasa and Central Tibet.

The talk will be held at the Foundation House at 695 Ladprao Soi 11, near the Carrefour Shopping Center. Please visit the Foundation website (www.thousand-stars.org) for directions. Please click Thousand Stars Web of Activities.

2 thoughts on “Dharma Talk this Sunday

  1. Tibet

    Hi Khun Krisdawan,

    Thanks For Kind Information about dharma Talk. We are Intresting to participate on the Talk. i try to find Address But I cann’t find .
    Can you plz Tell me Where is this Dharam Talk is?
    Thanks In Advance


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