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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s Teaching in Thailand

The Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony and the Thousand Stars Foundation have invited Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to give teaching on the following topics. Interested persons are welcome.

Tuesday 27th
Rinpoche will give a talk on meditation as an antidote to depression at Room 302, Boromrajakumari Building, Chulalongkorn University, 7-9 pm.

Wednesday 28th
Rinpoche will perform the White Tara Empowerment at Tara Khadiravana Retreat Center, Nongplub, Hua-Hin, 5-7 pm. Interested persons please contact Nuch at or K. Areerat at for transportation.

Thursday 29th
Rinpoche will give a talk on retreat and mind training at the Foundation House, 7-9 pm.

The maps to Khadiravana as well as the Foundation House can be downloaded at

In addition, on Monday 26th Rinpoche will lead a meditation session at the Monterey Place, 7-9 pm. This event is organized by the Shambhala Practice Group. The Monterey Place is near the Queen Sirikit Convention Hall. Interested persons, please contact Dr. Andy Lowe at

There are no registration fees for all these events. Gift donations to Rinpoche will be appreciated.

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