Preliminary Practices in Vajrayana Buddhism

This past Sunday we had a good opportunity to contemplate on Vajrayana Buddhism and why it is important to do Ngondro or preliminary practices. Before the talk, we prayed and meditated on the kindness of the spiritual teacher who guides us on the path of enlightenment. We talked about the notion Ri-me “non-sectarianism” and why it is important for the Thai context. We also talked about Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism and how Tibetan Buddism fits in between the two. Finally, we talked about preliminary practices and other main practices in Vajrayana Buddhism.

A participant remarked that she learned more about Thai Buddhism by trying to understand Tibetan Buddhism.

1 thought on “Preliminary Practices in Vajrayana Buddhism

  1. javajoba

    I’m a member of a Tibetan Buddhist center DorjeLing we practice Vajrayana and the Kalachakra is our main practice. Please feel free to visit us.


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