Shower of Blessing

This evening Ringu Tulku Rinpoche finished his final public Dharma talk in Thailand. It’s the fourth one since Monday. On Monday he led a meditation session emphasizing the importance of understanding our own mind. Tuesday was an academic day with a keynote address on the Buddhist understanding of happiness. This was followed by a workshop on cultural integrity at the Gross National Happiness Conference. The day was concluded by a talk for the Foundation on meditation as an antidote to depression. Then Wednesday Rinpoche visited Tara Khadiravana and performed White Tara Empowerment there. He said he didn’t like rituals but his empowerment turned out to be elaborate and perfect. The best part is that he explained every single step of the ceremony. So we exactly know the true meaning of empowerment. Tonight Rinpoche talked on mind training. Some said it’s the climax of all of his talks since Monday. The teaching he gave, which he emphasized is not the monk’s one, but Buddha’s is like a nectar enriching our soul. We feel grateful to his compassion towards us and other sentient beings. May his activities increase and virtue grow in all directions!

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