Don’t Let Anger Remain in Your Mind

It’s important to remain peaceful, calm and happy no matter what situation we find ourself. This training will help us particularly at the moment of death, when great suffering arises because the five elements collapse and consciousness has no support. Confused mind, angry mind, sad mind will only lead to more suffering and rebirth in a lower realm.

Vajrayana Buddism is in essence the same as Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. Only the path is different. The main message is to spread our love and compassion to everyone, including devas, asuras, pretas and hell beings. After all, we are not separated from them. We are being just like them. Vajrayana Buddhism specially emphasizes the Buddha nature which is inherent in all of us.”

Being angry, we obstruct our mind from being like the mind of Buddha.

1 thought on “Don’t Let Anger Remain in Your Mind

  1. Keeratikhun Chuenchomrat (Champagne)

    I also face the same problem with my sisters. That’s why I moved out for a year last year. Since Last month I have moved in and reunite again. Our relation is better but I don’t expect anything. I have my way to go on and a lot of things to do.

    Last years the problem caused me frustation and drop in Ph.D. study.

    Anyway last week, I enjoyed talking to Bhutanese people at our faculty. I bought some books from them and Dr. Khesang has brought me to the Himalayan world. So I just fall in love with Himalayan things. Please open the course Tibetan I
    Yontan can help. This will continue Himalayan Linguistics at Chula.


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