More from the Empowerment and Khadiravana

Krisadawan, father, Ken, Soraj

Our beloved Taiwanese mother

Yontan, Yungdrung Tsomo (Miow) and Nuch

The three architects Glaang, Lek and Jun attending the ceremony despite their busy schedule.

Yontan and Kris preparing the Mandala

White Tara Mandala

White Tara or Cindamani Chakra Tara. Buddha of compassion who particularly grants long life blessing.

Thanks to our special friends Ganda and Lassy for these lovely photos.

1 thought on “More from the Empowerment and Khadiravana

  1. Jampa Nyima


    This word is so meaningful and powerful. Everytime I wake up in the morning, the first thing I remind myself to do is to think of ‘Khru’. Everytime I pay homage to Guru, he is no other than you. Everytime I feel sad or anxious, I think of you and the great work you’re doing for all sentient beings. Everytime I bow down to the Buddhas, I think of your postration in Tibet.

    Everything comes and goes like waves in the ocean. Nothing to cling to.

    Yesterday I attend the Buddhism class for children. The monk said “Sangha” does mean “monks” but it means “community”. The Buddha emphasizes that to have a Kalyanamitra is the key of the dharma practice.

    Now the true “Sangha” or community is apparently harmonized, full of joy and smiles, and becomes stronger and stronger. I believe this is a very auspicious sign of our “mission”.

    Again see you in serenity. Miss you all!


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