Great Day

Today is the 8th day of the month. In Theravada Buddhism we remember Buddha Shakyamuni and in Vajrayana Buddhism we make special prayers to Mother Tara and Medicine Buddha. All day long I did a couple of works that are related to the Tara Great Project: contacting a factory manager about the making of the Tara Stupa model, arranging invitation cards for the foundation stone laying ceremony, preparing clay for a stupa tsa tsa, talking to K. Thamrong of the Thai-Tibet Center about making an image of Green Tara for our water project at Khadiravana, and meeting TV people who came to ask questions about Green Tara. It was truly a special day with great blessing and great help from my students and friends of the Foundation.

In addition, we had Dr. Tsedor Nyarongsha at our Foundation House. Many patients came. Among them were Teng’s friend from Malaysia who shares our love for Tibetan tea and Tibetan culture, and Ven. Pasanno of the Aphaykhiri Monastery in Colorado. Ven. Pasanno is a student of the late great master Ven. Ajarn Cha. Presently he is abbot of the mentioned temple. We had a good talk. He lived in Thailand for 20 some years before going to the US. He said having lived there, he came to know more about Vajrayana Buddhism and had met a wonderful Nyingma master Tulshik Rinpoche. He expressed his appreciation of the Foundation’s work, particularly the building of the Great Stupa. He accepted our invitation to come back to the Foundation, not as a patient, but as a speaker for our 1000 Stars series lectures.

The night ended with more work on the invitation cards and the prayer to the 21 Taras and Mandala Offering.

1 thought on “Great Day

  1. Jampa Nyima

    I’m so delighted that Aj. Pasanno came to visit us. I respect him a lot. I met him once at Sathira-Dhammasathan. He was very kind. I’m looking forward to attending his lectures!


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