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Mt. Sumeru as Mandala

The earth is perfumed with scented water and is strewn with flowers,
Adorned as well with Sumeru, the four continents, the sun and moon.
By imagining and offering these as aBuddha realm,
May all living beings here come to enjoy pure realms.
Om! Guru Tara! The Vajra Mandala: the gathering, swelling ocean of clouds of offerings Hung!

I think of Mt. Kailash or Mt. Sumeru. Soon we’ll get there and be able to recite this prayer while visualizing and offering the mountain as the supreme mandala to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. As a natural stupa, Mt. Kailash is the source of all goodness, the heart of Buddha. It is a divine place that ordinary beings can perceive, experience, and get inspired. It is a symbol of hope for everlasting peace and happiness in this realm of conflicts, atrocities and suffering.

But the real sacred mountain, the real mandala is not outside us. It is in fact very near us – in our heart and mind.

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