Prayer to Guru Rinpoche

Hrih! pechung chewa thragya sowa dep
wached chewa thragya togpa dzod
samba chewa thragya drubwa sho
drodon chewa thragya drubjur jig
Om Ah Hung Bendza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung!

Hrih! I pray to Padmasambhava one billion times,
May one billion obstacles be removed!
May one billion wishes be fulfilled!
May one billion benefits of beings be accomplished!
Om Ah Hung Bendza Guru Pema Sitthi Hung

Mongyal Lhasray Tshognyi Gyatso Rinpoche has written this while residing in Chengdu for the purpose of the Bonpo Kanjur in the auspicious iron bird year. May it be realized accordingly! Tashi!

Lhasray Rinpoche gave us the above prayer when we asked him for a short prayer to Guru Rinpoche which is easy to memorize. Rinpoche said this prayer is intended to bring great benefits and remove obstacles which are common when one does the Dharma work.

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