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A Visit to an Image Carving and Thangka Painting Place

This morning Lhasray Rinpoche took us to visit a place in Chingdu (about 1 hour from Chengdu) where several thangka painters and image carvers from Chamdo reside. We are impressed with their work. Unfortunately, the carvers have gone to their hometown to celebrate the New Year. We met only the painters who are young men. Rinpoche was friendly with them. He advised them to do good work in painting paying special attention to right proportion and even a minute detail. This will be a great way to preserve Tibetan culture. It’s not all right for them to think only about money, as a statue or image cannot be measured by the amount of money. However, the price one sets should be quite satisfactory to both oneself and others who are interested in buying it. In this way, the work is in accord with the law of karma. If the painter thinks only about money, the piece of art can be quite bad and the painter is at risk of going to a lower realm after he or she dies.

Thangka of Buddha in nirmanakaya form depicting his twelve great deeds

Gyalchen Namtho Sray (Rgyal chen rnam thos sras), one of the lokapalas

Green Tara in gold

Teacher and student watching Buddha statue, wishing a similar image to be built in Thailand

Beautiful Buddha image (Jowo Rinpoche) with great quality

Giving advice to the thangka selling manager and painters

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