What to Bring to Khadiravana

For Guru Rinpoche retreatants, please bring:

1. Comfortable but polite outfit. Any color is fine.
2. Light jacket or sweater – it can be cold at night.
3. Comfortable shoes
4. Sleeping bag
5. Mosquito repellent
6. Torchlight
7. Personal belongings & medicine

DTAC phone can’t be used at Khadiravana. The signal stops near the Nongplub district office. AIS can be used.

We will use the following at the Stupa ceremony on the 10th. Please bring a little bit of each if you feel like sharing them with us.

Offerings to Buddha (Tsog):
1. Biscuits, cookies, candies
2. Fruits
3. Flowers
4. Fruit juice or other nutricious drink

Burnt fragrant offerings (Sang):
1. Rice and other grains
2. Biscuits, cookies and other kinds of snacks which have no egg or meat
3. Small pieces of plain cloth in 5 colors.
4. Small pieces of plain paper in 5 colors.

The Foundation will provide three vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals per day, hot and cold drinks, snacks and fruits. For accommodation, tents of various sizes, mainly for 1 or 2 persons, will be arranged. We just finished building temporary shower rooms and toilets near the tent location. Apart from these, there are other shower rooms and toilets near the office house in the mango grove. This is where we’ll have our meals.

I’m leaving for Khadiravana tomorrow to prepare the site and will be back soon after the New year holidays. Please contact Worawanna if you have any questions about the event.

I hope everyone enjoys the natural environment in a Tibetan-Thai style at Khadiravana.

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