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Preparing for the Ceremony

I just got back from Khadiravana. Thanks to Khun Prachum, the preparation is going well. He put lights at major places and even made wooden signs to show directions.This time the weather is very good. It’s sunny but not too hot during the day time. At night, it’s cold more than usual. Please bring warm clothes.

Dr. Bundit’s team sent us a menu for the retreat. It looks fabulous. There’s even “Khao op phuak” and “Suki yaki”!

Nuch has arranged a van to pick up participants on the 10th. I am grateful to her friend’s father who provides us the van without charging any fees except for gas. So we won’t charge the fees for transportation. Those who will travel with us can help share the gas cost only. Thanks to Nuch for her efficient coordination.

Here are some pictures.


This is where the foundation stone laying ceremony will take place.

Ceremonial tents will be pitched and decorated Tibetan style.

Scenery near where we’ll have our Guru Rinpoche retreat.

The foundation’s house. We’ll have our meals here.

Newly built toilets and shower rooms near the camping site. Yontan hang prayer flags everywhere even here.

Wild flower on the way to the Stupa site

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