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Zangdok Pari

It took 4 years for this Zangdok Pari in Dzachukha, a nomad area to the north of eastern Tibet to be completed. During these years there are both miracles and obstacles. The Thousand Stars Foundation would like to express her deep gratitude to the Global Women’s Fund, the Bridge Fund and contributors in Thailand for support. The main contribution came from Ajarn Soraj’s personal funding. May beings benefit from this great work until all gain enlightenment!

A building represents three bodies of Buddhas.

Kandroma Palden Chotsho in the middle with Hermitage nuns.

Zangdok Pari with nun cubicles to the left. This will serve as an assembly hall as well as a school building for the nuns.

Window and door frames

Traditional designs

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  1. Jampa Nyima #

    My dear Ajarn,

    I tried to call you on Saturday afternoon but not succeed.

    This is truly unbelievable! I’m so delighted. It’s so auspecious that these good news and pictures come from Khandroma just before the consecration ceremony!

    Om A Hung Benza guru pema siddhi hung!

    January 5, 2008

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