Update on Rinpoche’s Visit

Lhasray Rinpoche, Tulku and Rigzin Wangmo returned to Chengdu this morning. We took them to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai on January 17-19. On the 20th some students came to say ‘good-bye’ to Rinpoche. Among them are Khun Sanan, a retired staff from the Forestry Department and his family and friends. They presented him with two Bodhi plants – one to be grown at Khadiravana and another for Rinpoche to take to Chengdu. Khun Supot and Khun Areerat presented Rinpoche with a beautiful image of Buddha in the Samboghakaya form. Dr. Fon asked many questions about how to prepare the mind of dying patients. These, together with the meaningful gifts inspired Rinpoche to give a short Dharma teaching on bardo. I hope to summarize the teaching soon. The teaching was followed by an important meeting with the Tara Great Stupa working group.

We will look forward to Rinpoche’s next visit to Thailand when the foundation and the temple of the Great Stupa has been completed. He said he would pray for the opportunities to teach us on bardo intensively and to lead us on the Dzogchen path.

Pictures of Rinpoche’s activities and the visit to the north will be posted soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed selflessly to Rinpoche’s visit. Special thanks are due to Khun Jick for Rinpoche’s air tickets, the cost related to ceremonial tents and for taking care of Rinpoche and his family both in Bangkok and in Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai; Dr. Bundit and his friends who have become the Thousand Stars Group in Surin for the wonderful meals and household work during our Guru Rinpoche retreat; Khun Prachum for taking care of Rinpoche’s stay at Khadiravana; Miao, Nuch; Khun Areerat, Khun Ek, Khun Jun, Khun Lek, Khun Klaang and Khun Teng. We are also very grateful to Dr. Andy and Khun Charoen. Last but not least, I thank my mother who contributed tirelessly to the logistics and well being of those who came to the foundation stone laying ceremony and those who stayed in the retreat.

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