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Guru Rinpoche Sadhana

I just got back from the prayer session at the Foundation House. There were 11 of us: Areerat, Ampon, Miao, Nuch, Bank, Pom, Charoen, Peter (Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s student), Soraj, Yontan and I. It’s the first time we did the session together in the Foundation’s Tibetan shrine room. It seems the shrine room is too small already.

The main text we recited is a terma text that Lhasray Rinpoche transmitted to me the night before he returned to China. The text title is “The Heart Essence of Guru Padmasambhava: A Sadhana of the Three Roots (Guru Peme Thugtig Le: Tsasum Drugpa Nyinggi Gyajan Zhug). This terma is transmitted by a dakini to Vairojana at a rock in Gyamo Mudo in Gyalrong. It was protected by three Damjan. Later on it was discovered by Hungchen Droto Lingpa Rinpoche.

I felt grateful to Rinpoche for transmitting this sadhana to us so that we know how to invoke to Guru Rinpoche and make offerings to him. Thai people are so fortunate to be able to practice this terma. I think of Hungchen Rinpoche with gratitude. Because of his compassion, many terma texts have been discovered for the purpose of sentient beings.

Hrih jepung pema kara dzana siddhi hung!

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