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Losar Monlam and Releasing Fish on 7 February (1st Day of the Tibetan Month)

Yontan and I will pray and make offerings at our Tara shrine room, the foundation house in Nonthaburi early morning of the 7th which is the first day of the new year. We’ll recite a long life and well-being prayer particularly for our contributors, sick and suffering beings. We’ll tie new prayer flags around the house. After that we’ll release fish at the Chao Phya river bank in the area of Wat Saima Tai in Ratanatibet. Anyone who is interested in joining us in setting fish lives free or contributing your donation to this merit making, please contact me or Miao.

If you can’t join us this time, I request everyone to liberate fish or other kinds of captured animals at least once a year. Please all of us think of these animals with loving kindness and compassion. Let’s take care of them as best as we can. When we see a hungry dog on the street, we won’t just walk by without giving it food. When we see a sick animal, we try our best in helping it. When a dog is trying to cross the street, we make sure its life will be saved. And when we eat meat, we eat it mindfully thinking of the body with gratitude wishing it be born in a higher realm.

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