Speical Tea Ceremony on 10 February (4th Day of the Tibetan Month)

The Thousand Stars is pleased to invite friends of the Foundation and interested persons to join a tea ceremony by Khun Koh (Jitt Tanthasathian) of the Plum Village on Sunday 10 February starting at 8 pm at the foundation house. Khun Koh will serve as the tea master. Yontan and Nat have offered to help him as tea assistant and tea server.

Here is the description from Khun Koh:

“Tea meditation is a skillful mean for friend to gather in an informal enviorment enjoy tea, cookies and the presence of one another. Although we love to have a good tea & cookies at the ceremony, it is the collective mindfulness & the presence of our beloved friends that most matter.

To make it an evening to remember, I encourage each of us to bring a little gift of joy to share with friends. This could be a song, poem, story or just anything that will water the seed of joy & mindfulness for everyone.”

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