Taste of Freedom

Yesterday Ken didn’t go to school because he wanted to go to free the fish with us on the Tibetan/Chinese New Year. Yontan hang a prayer flag near the house gate. After that we did some prayer together. Then Chris, a new American friend came. And we went to the Thanam Non Market together. There are plenty of fish and other water animals to be freed. We bought 107 kilograms of “plaa duk” and 9 kilograms of frogs. The total number of fish is 321 but we forgot to count the frogs. Ken gave me 1,000 baht from his New Year gift money as a contribution to this merit making.

When we liberate fish and other animals, it’s imperative for us to think whether the animals will survive after having been released. We also should make our best efforts to look for the best home for them. We shouldn’t think only about our purpose, such as we want to eliminate our bad luck; that’s why, we set their lives free. Instead, we should think about their safety, their future and we pray for their long life and happiness.

Let’s help each other take care of captured animals. Let’s try our best to help these poor creatures. Let’s generate our loving kindness for them. Om Mani Padme Hung!

Yontan is hanging a prayer flag in our garden before going to buy the fish.

Buying fish from the Thanam Non market

Weakless, dead and living – this is human food

Carrying fish to the river in the compound of Saima Tai Temple

Captured fish tasting the joy of freedom

Ken is feeding the birds near where we released the fish.

Freed frogs swimming in a canal, their new home near Saima Tai.

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