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Why the 1000 Stars Foundation Wants to Build a Mahayana Stupa in Thailand

We are compiling a few common questions concerning our Tara Stupa project. Here is one of them:

Why the Thousand Stars Foundation wants to build a Mahayana stupa in Thailand, despite the fact that a number of Thais are Theravadins?

The Foundation does not consider differences among various sects of Buddhism. These sects are all the teachings of Buddha. Building a Tibetan stupa or a Thai chedi is a way to maintain and spread the nobel teachings. It also enhances Buddha’s blessings in eliminating defilements for well-being and happiness of sentient beings. There are many reasons why the Foundation wants to build a Tibetan stupa in Thailand. First, the Foundation specializes in Tibetan Buddhist art and culture. Second, it has close relationship with many Tibetan masters both in Tibet and other countries. Third, it is aware of the significance of building Tibetan stupas which are completely filled with relics and sacred objects. Lastly, Thais are devout Buddhists and Thailand has been a Buddhist land since ancient time with the king as a beloved Dharmaraja. These factors render Thailand one of the best places in the world as a venue for a stupa, symbol of the enlightened mind of Buddha.

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