Tara Mantra

Thank you to those who recited the Tara mantra with me on Maghapuja. I hope each of us will continue reciting the mantra to the rest of our life. When we do the counting like this, it’s important that we do it happily, joyfully and mindfully. We shouldn’t feel stressful. We shouldn’t expect that special things will happen after we finish the recitations. If we become happier, that is already the great thing. At the same time, we shouldn’t think that our practice is a preliminary one. Instead, we should think that by reciting these ten sacred syllables we’ll gain enlightenment. It’s the practice that enable us to lead beings of the six realms to realize buddhahood.

When we practice on yidam like this, we should keep in mind the following:

Before the recitation/meditation: We need to generate bodhicitta.
During the session: We keep the view that everything is emptiness so that we will be less self-centered.
After the session: We dedicate our merit to mother sentient beings.

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