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Teaching Tibetan

The 1000 Stars Foundation will be offering the first Tibetan course Basic Tibetan I to the members and interested public starting May 2008. We will be circulating the news as soon as possible. The course will last 30 hours. Teaching time: Sunday 4-6 pm. Venue: Foundation House. We’ll provide basic lessons in speaking, writing, reading as well as in reciting mantras and short prayers.

Please email Miao to reserve seats. Due to the seating arrangement, we can accommodate only 10 serious students.

Pilgrimage Journey to Mystical Tibet

A pilgrimage Journey of 9 Sacred Temples on mystical TIBET

The Thousand Stars Foundation invites you to join 9 day pilgrimage to Tibet…A great introduction to the authentic Tibetan culture, their history and outstanding faith. A once in a lifetime experience to receive Avalokiteshvara Empowerment. The tour will be led by honorary guide, Professor Krisadawan Hongladarom, founder of the Thousand Stars Foundation and a specialist in Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

An opportunity to step into Tibetan culture and Buddhism via our comprehensive itinerary, with visits to 9 sacred temples, including; the majestic Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, known as the heart monastery of Tibet, an empowerment of Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of compassion by honorary lama Kunga Zangbo Rinpoche. A visit to Samye monastery and ending with a picnic on the breathtakingly beautiful turquoise lake of Yamdrok Tso.

Travelling dates: 17-25 April 2008.

Cost: 84,000 baht including all plane tickets, visa, permit to Tibet, ticket entries, transportation costs, accommodation for all nights, all meals, professional service by a well-trained Tibetan agency, honorary guide by an expert who has direct experience of Tibetan culture, and orientation on Tibetan language, culture and religion before the journey.

Contribution: After deducting all cost, the money will be donated to Thousand Star Foundation for building the “Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony,” the first Vajarayana Stupa in Thailand at Kadiravana Retreat Center, Hua-Hin, Prachurbkirikan. For more information of the stupa please go to our website:

More detail, please contact Khun Jick at, Mobile: 081-638169 or Khun Miao at, Mobile: 086-7228129

All bookings must be made by 15 March 2008.

We hope this trip would create a positive understanding in Tibetan culture which Buddhism has play an important role in their daily life. Furthermore it is a special pilgrimage trip which would bless us with positive energy and encourage everyone to find inner peace and compassion for all sentient beings.

Memory from Kailash Talk

Kailash talk by Dr. Andy Lowe, 3 February 2008

His talk focuses on the pilgrimage he took in May 2002,which is part of a fund-raising event for the first Tibetan stupa in Scotland. It’s the trip one should make in a lifetime, he emphasizes. The Foundation is grateful to Andy for sharing his experience and spirit with us. We do hope soon we’ll be able to embark on this special journey to pay homage to the holiest of all mountains and to make merit for our Tara Stupa.

Foundation Office

The new office is now operating on the second floor of the foundation house. Anyone who wants to visit us, please make an appointment at or Mobile: 086 722 8129.

Pictures from Tea Meditation

Tea master, assistant and server

Receiving tea with gratitude

Serenity is here and now.

Enjoying each other’s company

Picking sweets mindfully

Thanks to Master Koh of the Plum Village for this wonderful ceremony which uplifted our spirit and brought peace and joy.

Pictures from Losar Celebration, Foundation House

Burnt offering to Palden Lhamo

Praying to Guru Rinpoche and Tara

Celebrating a 3-year anniversary of the 1000 Stars

Offerings toGuru Rinpoche

We will make offerings to Guru Rinpoche this Saturday 16 February (Guru Rinpoche Day), 5-7 pm. at the Foundation House. Everyone is welcome. Please bring the Guru sadhana and prayer hand-outs as well as offerings.

Taste of Freedom

Yesterday Ken didn’t go to school because he wanted to go to free the fish with us on the Tibetan/Chinese New Year. Yontan hang a prayer flag near the house gate. After that we did some prayer together. Then Chris, a new American friend came. And we went to the Thanam Non Market together. There are plenty of fish and other water animals to be freed. We bought 107 kilograms of “plaa duk” and 9 kilograms of frogs. The total number of fish is 321 but we forgot to count the frogs. Ken gave me 1,000 baht from his New Year gift money as a contribution to this merit making.

When we liberate fish and other animals, it’s imperative for us to think whether the animals will survive after having been released. We also should make our best efforts to look for the best home for them. We shouldn’t think only about our purpose, such as we want to eliminate our bad luck; that’s why, we set their lives free. Instead, we should think about their safety, their future and we pray for their long life and happiness.

Let’s help each other take care of captured animals. Let’s try our best to help these poor creatures. Let’s generate our loving kindness for them. Om Mani Padme Hung!

Yontan is hanging a prayer flag in our garden before going to buy the fish.

Buying fish from the Thanam Non market

Weakless, dead and living – this is human food

Carrying fish to the river in the compound of Saima Tai Temple

Captured fish tasting the joy of freedom

Ken is feeding the birds near where we released the fish.

Freed frogs swimming in a canal, their new home near Saima Tai.

Aspiration Prayer for the Liberation of Fish

Conqueror gone to bliss, defeater of enemies, utterly pure and perfect Buddha hearing the precious ushnisha, to you I prostrate, make offerings, and go for refuge.

If one recites this to dying animals or to other sentient beings who are on the verge of death, they will not be reborn in the lower realms. As there is such great benefit, I humbly entreat you to recite this with confident faith in the authenticity of the Buddha’s word.

Infallible Three Jewels and supreme yidams,
Lord of compassion, protector Avalokiteshvara,
Think of me, weak and pitiful, with loving compassion
And bear witness to the accomplishment of this vast prayer.

Long ago during the time of Buddha Chubeb
He recited the name of the bliss-gone one and liberated fish;
Likewise may I, with the rain of Dharma,
Relieve animals that are powerlessly suffering.

Some have no protector and no place to dwell,
Stricken with fear of being helplessly devoured by another,
These animals, tormented by agonizing misery,
May I relieve them with the rain of Dharma.

When they divest themselves of their present bodies,
May they avoid the lower realms
And attain the supreme happiness of gods and humans,
That they may thus listen to the holy Dharma,
Put it into practice,
And strive to achieve unexcelled Enlightenment.

I humbly ask all to recite this blessed prayer, as it is the very one the Great Siddha Thangtong Gyalpo composed while he performed the liberation of innumerable fish.

Translated by the Dzogchen Foundation.

Taken from Chatral Rinpoche’s Compassionate Action. Edited, introduced and annotated by Zach Larson. Snow Lion Publication2 (2007)

Losar Monlam and Releasing Fish on 7 February (1st Day of the Tibetan Month)

Yontan and I will pray and make offerings at our Tara shrine room, the foundation house in Nonthaburi early morning of the 7th which is the first day of the new year. We’ll recite a long life and well-being prayer particularly for our contributors, sick and suffering beings. We’ll tie new prayer flags around the house. After that we’ll release fish at the Chao Phya river bank in the area of Wat Saima Tai in Ratanatibet. Anyone who is interested in joining us in setting fish lives free or contributing your donation to this merit making, please contact me or Miao.

If you can’t join us this time, I request everyone to liberate fish or other kinds of captured animals at least once a year. Please all of us think of these animals with loving kindness and compassion. Let’s take care of them as best as we can. When we see a hungry dog on the street, we won’t just walk by without giving it food. When we see a sick animal, we try our best in helping it. When a dog is trying to cross the street, we make sure its life will be saved. And when we eat meat, we eat it mindfully thinking of the body with gratitude wishing it be born in a higher realm.