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Announcement – Stupa Blog Transferred

Discussing the Stupa project with the 1000 Stars Executive Board

I’m transferring the content from the Taragreatstupa blog to this blog so that it will be easier to update the project and facilitate the reader. A list of donors is being prepared by Miao. It will be published in our upcoming newsletter and a PDF file can be downloaded from the Stupa website (

Pictures of all the graphic work and drawings of the Tara Great Stupa can be viewed at our Foundation House. We are preparing a booklet updating the work as well as a booklet introducing the Foundation’s activities. We are also publishing Khadiravana’s personal story. The latter will be published free of charge by TiSunSign Travel company. Thanks so much to Dr. Bundit for introducing Khun Ying, director of the company who rejoices in our activities. And thanks to Supachok, who kindly does all the computer layout.

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    March 2, 2008

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