Tandruk, One of the Oldest Monasteries in Tibet

Built in the 7th century AD during the reign of King Songsran Gampo, Tandruk Monastery remains one of my most favorite monasteries in Tibet. Its lineage was Nyingma but later on was transformed into Gelugpa.

The little image inside the big image is believed to be “Speaking Tara”. Apart from this image, there is a special thangka of Green Tara made of white pearls. The thangka was made by Domdrempa, Milarepa’s student who was Tara devotee.

Reciting Mani mantra with Tibetan practitioners during Saga Dawa (Visakhupuja) retreat (May 2007). This picture was taken just a day before I completed my prostration pilgrimage to Samye.

This April the Foundation is taking Thai people to pay homage to these sacred images at this monastery. **Anyone who can’t come with us but want me to carry a khatak or rice offering, please don’t hesitate to do so.**

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