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Tara Meditation on Visakhapuja at Khadiravana

The 1000 Stars Foundation is holding a one-day community service and two-day retreat at Khadiravana on the auspicious occasion of Visakhapuja, 17-19 May 2008.

On the 17, a team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists will be giving free medical check-up and diagnosis to local people who reside in Nong plub district, Hua-Hin and neighboring areas.

On the 18 and 19 we will pray to Buddha, recite the 21 Tara praise, recite 100,000 Tara mantra, meditate and make offerings to Guru Rinpoche.

The main purpose of the retreat is to remember Buddha on this important date and to do mind training as well as cultivate compassion.

This time we can accommodate only about 15 retreatants due to lack of space. When the Dharma pavillion is completed (around July), we’ll be able to accommodate more people. At this time, we may not be able to use the Mantra stupa because of some rain and prayer flags have already been worn out.

Those who want to make merit with the medical team are especially welcome. This can be done in a day’s trip. We also plan to grow young Khadira trees at this time. You can plant your own Khadira on our land.

The Foundation can help arrange the transportation. More detail will be announced.

Please reserve seats early at

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