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Today’s Event: Talk on Tibet

Yontan took this photo of the Yarlung Tsangpo (Bhramaputra river) when we did prostration pilgrimage last year. The bank of the river became our home for 17 days.

The 1000 Stars Lecture #6 featuring Tibet went well today. I gave an overview on Tibet, which was followed by Prachawan (Jick’s) reflections on her experiences of having traveled to Tibet 6 times in one year. Many newcomers came today and we had lively discussions and conversations.

I’m glad that the story of Tibet is increasing well-known. I urge all of us to help preserve this precious culture which is threatened by globalization and modern situation.

Thank you particularly to Dr. Chaithawat for giving us copies of his beautiful translation of Milarepa’s songs and to Khun Wanngam for giving us copies of Buddhist prayer book in Pali with translation. The book’s cover depicts a golden Bodhi leaf from Bodhigaya. It exhibits serenity and sacredness.

We received an amount of 4,000 baht in the box for donation as well as for the price of Tibetan products from our Sotara shop. We donated the whole amount to the Stupa project.

A teenage girl Sherab Zangmo made a donation of 350 baht for the Stupa in exchange for a little jewelry box. I told her that she could pay only 50 baht but she insisted that she wanted to make contribution to the Stupa project too.

Khun Somsri, Sherab Zangmo’s mother kindly embroidered the Foundation logo with the golden Tam syllable and offered to do an embroidery of the golden Vajra picture on a cloth. We can use it when we hold empowerments and Dharma teaching.

Today I also met an old friend from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University who studied in the same class as me 25 years ago. She’s coming to Tibet with the Foundation this April and is willing to offer her marketing skill to promote the Foundation’s activities.

All of these gestures touched my heart deeply. I couldn’t thank enough for the little efforts which have become an ocean of treasures.

Last but not least, I thank Miao for her good heart and efficient management.

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