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Don’t Let Anger Ruin Your Beautiful Memories

When a person is angry at someone, he tends to think only about the negative side of that person. It’s like in the whole world there is no one who is as wicked as this person. When he does this, he breathes in the breath of anger, which can easily turn into resentment. When he breathes out, he lets go the air of hatred which pollutes the environment. Both breaths harm his entire being and put him in great suffering, just like the suffering of hell beings who are afflicted by the torments of extremes of cold and heat.

When we are angry, it’s important for us to learn to calm the agitated mind down. Instead of focusing only on the negative side, he should remember all the kindness that person has done to him. He also should think that all beings have faults. The person who makes him angry is no exception.

Some practical advice: go to the sea, sit there watching the ocean and waves after waves. Sit there until anger subsides. Watch endless waves which come and go. Meditate on the four immeasurable thoughts. Think of all beings with loving kindness, yourself and the person you are angry with included.

Water element will comfort angry soul. Vastness of the sea will remind us of boundless space and countless number of beings who need love and do not want suffering.

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