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A Bodhisattva Never Disappears

At the time of my death, when I feel that I am no [longer] useful on this planet, then I will pray that I will be reborn to be of use. I always pray, “as long as space remains and as long as sentient beings’ suffering remains, may I remain to dispel their suffering.” 

So I pray that I am born somewhere where I will be useful. A bodhisattva is always reborn again; he never makes a break, never disappears. He has to provide good services among the human beings, animals, insects, any living being. This is his bodhisattva vow.
Excerpt from The Dalai Lamas: A Visual History, edited by Martin Brauen, published by Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich and Serindia Publications, Chicago (2005).
Thanks to K. Shane Suvikapakronkul of Serindia Publications for this wonderful book, which is now at the 1000 Stars Foundation’s library.
K. Shane newly serves the Foundation’s advisory board and is working with us toward the establishment of a research and education institute on Tibet and beyond.
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