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Talk on Experiencing the Sacred: Buddhist Art in Bhutan

The Thousand Stars Foundation, in cooperation with Serindia Publications, is organizing a talk on: “Experiencing the Sacred: Buddhist Art in Bhutan” by John Johnston, coauthor of the “Dragon’s Gift: Sacred Arts of Bhutan” (Serindia Publications, 2008), Sunday 11 May 2008, 1.30-4.00 pm. at the Foundation House, Ladprao 11 Road. 

**The Dragon’s Gift, with the author’s signature, together with other books by Serindia and the Foundation’s Tibetan products will be on sale with special price at the site.
The talk is free of charge. For reservation or more information, please contact: (Worawanna) or (Dr. Krisadawan).
About the Talk:
This lecture explores how Buddhist art and images are experienced in Bhutan from the perspective of the Buddhist faithful. From the ornate temples of the great fortresses (dzongs) to modest home altars, Buddhist images play an important role in the daily life of this Buddhist community. The spiritual connection between the practitioner and sacred images will be explored using specific examples drawn from the speaker’s observations in Bhutan.
About the Speaker:
John Johnston is assistant curator for the exhibition “The Dragon’s Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan” organized by the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Mr. Johnston was a key participant in locating and identifying works of sacred art for the exhibition and was based in Bhutan for three years working on the project. He also participated in original research, writing and editing efforts culminating in “The Dragon’s Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan” (Serindia Publications, 2008). He is cofounder and coeditor of the Buddhist Art News and author of numerous articles on the subject. Mr. Johnston presently serves on the editorial board of the National Museum of Bhutan. He has conducted fieldwork at remote Buddhist sites throughout Asia, particularly in silk road and Himalayan areas.
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