Thousand Stars’ Visakhapuja 2008

Vajra friends have left. Soraj, Yontan and I are upstairs doing a littlle bit of reading and writing while waiting for the rain to stop. It’s another wonderful way of spending Visakhapuja by reciting, praying, meditating and making a lot of offerings.

I explained that there were two main motivations for us to gather today: to think of Buddhas on the enlightenment day and to generate love and compassion to the quake and cyclone victims.

We started with guru yoga and prostrations before we recited the 21 Tara sadhana.

After the break, we did Guru Rinpoche sadhana, prayed to Palden Lhamo before we made a burnt offering and body offering. We recited the compassion mantra for beings in the six realms.

Palden Lhamo will always be with us just like a smell on our body.

Bardo beings live on the fragrance of burnt food and cloth. We prayed for their well-being, for their mind not to be disturbed by hunger, thirst, sadness, anger and fear. We prayed for their liberation from bardo.

A ka a me tu thri su nag po zhi zhi me me so ha – May sufferings of beings in the six realms be removed!

Simple offering like this means a lot for countless beings in bardo and elsewhere.

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